African Musicians

On this page you can watch footage of the master-musicians Laurence learnt from in action in West Africa as well as those who perform and teach in the UK.

Daniel Asare, from Accra in Ghana, is an inspirational singer, dancer, drummer and teacher. He formed his group Noko Ye Dzen in order to teach local teenagers from Ghana’s capital city about their amazing musical heritage:

In this video Noko Ye Dzen perform a Ghanaian highlife song called ‘Abaye’. Daniel is playing a traditional box-shaped Ga drum called a ‘Gome’, while his brother Eben is playing ‘kpanlogo’ drums, peg-tuned conga drums from southern Ghana.

see more videos here

Lamine Camara is a master-dundunfola (dundun player) and ‘Soda’ Bangaly Kounbasa a master-djembefola (djembe player) in Guinea Conakry. Here they are performing with their group in Boke, Maritime Guinea. Lamine now lives and teaches djembe near Nantes in France!

Kader, master djembefola and my teacher (and our Drum Africa drumming holiday teacher 2018) in Dubreka.

Souleymane Compo, a Guinean djembefola who lives in south London, performs with his group Wuntanara and runs djembe classes. He was the man who introduced me to my teachers in Guinea.