(Kassa is a Malinke tribe farmers’ dance from Northeast Guinea. The word ‘Kassa’ means granary. This rhythm is played all day long for the men who work farming the fields to help give them the energy to continue farming. Girls will often sing and dance.)

Ee-la wuh-lee wor kon-kor dah-baa, Kon-don tee-loo bah-rah-nah   (everybody repeats as response)

Kassa – Rhythms and Break 1

0:02 (Break 1) into Rhythm 1*: (gra gra gra) Gu-du-ga-da  ga-da-Gu-du-ga-da ga-da-Gu-du-ga-da etc… *simple version

0:21 (Break 1) into Rhythm 1: (gra gra gra) Gu-du-ga-da ga-da-Gu-du-ga-da-zha ga-da-Gu-du-ga-da etc…

0:42 (Break 1) into Rhythm 2: (gra gra gra) Zha zha-ga da zha-zha zha gu-du zha-Zha zha-ga-da-zha-zha zha gu-du… etc

1:10 Break 1 – Rhythm 2: (as above)

1:28 Break 1 – Rhythm 3: (gra gra gra) Ga  ga-da gu-du-Ga  ga-da gu-du…

Kassa – Rhythms and Break 2

0:01 Break 1 into Rhythm 1

0:15 Break 2: Gra gu-du (bi, bom) ga-da ga-da Gra gu-da (bi, bom) ga-da ga-da Gra gu-du (bi, bom) ga-da ga-da Gra gu-du   gra gra gra…

0:27 Rhythm 1

0:41 Break 2 into Rhythm 2

1:03 Break 2 into Rhythm 2

1:28 Break 2

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