Guinea Trip 2019

Join Drum Africa and Fore Fote on the trip of a lifetime! This will be an experience like no other: living among the locals in Guinea, West Africa, in the safe company of Abram Diallo in his house in Dubreka.

See our flyer and information below, and email if you wish to find out more. £650 for 10 days is a real bargain price so don’t miss out! The deadline to pay your 50% deposit is 1st December 2018.

Guinea Trip January 2019

Guinea Trip January 2019 (2)


  • 2nd January: Fly to Conakry airport in Guinea via Casablanca  (you book your own flights) This the recommended route from UK to Guinea.
  • 1:25am, 3rd January: We arrange your taxi pick-up from the airport to Dubreka (about 1 hour away)
  • 3rd January – 12th January: Daily drumming and dance lessons with master-drummers and dancers from Conakry and Dubreka
  • Experience traditional music and dance in everyday African life, with trips to see ‘Dundunba’ drumming and dance celebrations
  • Buy beautiful djembes, dunduns, bells and instrument cases from the best expert instrument-makers in Guinea
  • Optional visit to Bel Air, Guinea’s most beautiful and relaxing beach-side village.
  • 2:25am, 13th January: We arrange your travel back to the airport, where you fly home via Casablanca (you book your own flights)

General Information:

  • Lessons will be in French, with translations and extra help provided by Abram.
  • All accommodation and in-house food and water is provided during your stay. We advise you purchase a filter water bottle to bring with you as an extra precaution!
  • You will have to pay for transport during your stay, but ‘neuf-place’ taxis are very cheap!
  • We will provide you with an invitation letter for your visa, and all the information you need on how to obtain one from the Guinean Embassy
  • Don’t forget to make sure you get your travel vaccinations, anti-malarial tablets, mosquito nets and water-filter bottles ready before you travel!
  • You’ll have a great time and learn more than you thought possible!

Reviews of our 2018 Drum Africa and Fore Fote trip:

Our inaugural trip to Guinea in 2018 was a group of 6 incredible people, who had a truly wonderful time! We couldn’t have asked for a better bunch. Here is what they said about their time with us in Guinea:

“A rich experience in every way, full of an incredible energy coming not only from the groovy rhythms of the drums, but from a different rhythm of being.” – Cristina, Romania

“I would whole-heartedly recommend this holiday for anyone wanting an authentic and rewarding experience of learning drumming in Africa. It is a chance to get to know the music and the culture from the inside and a unique opportunity.” – Maria, UK

“As my first time in Guinea in Africa I felt I was there all my life. From the very first moment our hosts and the local people treated us like old friends like a member of a big family. Despite their life being very hard, they are super nice people. I forgot to mention I don’t speak French nor the local Sousou language but I could always communicate with them. Artists and masters have the ability and also patience to teach students on all levels. Accommodation was very basic. I had no problem with random power cuts :D. A drumming holiday likle this is a once in a life-time experience. It completely helps to leave behind everyday problems.” – Norbert, Hungary