A collection of articles that may be of interest to you.

Ghanaian Culture – this article explains what Ghanaians mean by “culture” and its importance in the modern towns and cities of Ghana.

Noko Ye Dzen – see videos of Ghanaian culture in action, with drumming and dance videos from one of Accra’s premier “culture groups”.

The Djembe – an introductory overview of the djembe drum: its origins, design, sounds, cultural significance and more…

Loz’s Blog Archive – read entries from class teacher Laurence’s blog while he travelled through West Africa in late 2011.

ItM Podcast – listen to interviews with our class teachers and students in a feature for hospital radio station ‘In the Meantime’ in 2011.

News Archive РRead stories from olden times within our group, which began all the way back in May 2010!

Intermediate Archive – Descriptions from intermediate courses we used to run, following various themes from ‘the art of performance’ to ‘swing styles in djembe drumming’.